Casa Mingo Dean of cider houses in Madrid

Casa Mingo is the Dean of the cider houses in Madrid and possibly all the existing in Spain. It opened its doors in 1888, When still had not been met 60 years of the disappearance of the great painter Francisco de Goya. The same that lit up with its frescoes nearby Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida, designed by Ventura Rodríguez, also author of the Museo del Prado. Places that you can not miss.

The thick walls of what was an old warehouse of material when the railway infrastructures of the Peninsula began (specifically North or the Principe Pio station), they have seen three centuries with the same activity of restoration to that primitive “Llagar” or cider factory, that installed the first asturians who worked on the train and that it, they received directly from their land natural products that are not resigned to losing.


The amplitude of the ground floor and the top floor, as well as the splendid terraces that are in season, which is cool with the soft breeze that comes from the abundant groves of your environment, those of the Parque del Oeste, University City, Park light bulb, Casa de Campo, Rose garden and other areas of the Green corridor, give place to a large clientele that, sometimes, you have to wait a few minutes to get a table.

Decoration retains its full original, keeping the main features of its early stages, with an abundance of Woods, view bottles and barrels, What has motivated that it has been the scene of many films “Customs”, as well as for the filming of a multitude of advertisements.


Cider, in its various forms, It is made from Villaviciosa Asturias Apple in their own facilities, making it the only true cider in the capital that produces only for self consumption. The cider goes directly from the factory to the table without loss of freshness and other virtues of this artisan product made according to traditional techniques, cannot be achieved by other industrial-type whose natural characteristics.

This tradition has made ciders Mingo, as also is called, in one of the best-known establishments in Madrid. Reference in the sector, his fame transcends national level come included in many foreign tourist guides, no doubt by the propaganda that have been able to make you the many foreigners who visit it.

Surroundings and events

Other attractions in the vicinity of the establishment you can visit before servicing forces in the cider are the Temple of Debod, whose Egyptian craftsmen also drank cider, the aforementioned Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, the Royal Theatre, the aforementioned chapels etc. A monumental set that does not escape the also near Madrid of the Austrias.

Loaded with local color moments linked closely to House Mingo are those who are given in “The burial of the sardine”, When the illustrious colleagues depart from the establishment for the painful trance to earth so tasty fish, remembering old times in which the lack of refrigerators were motivated by the unburied body of fish led to the niche many reckless. They also highlight the festivities of San Antonio, held with its dances and its tradition that the modistillas then, and today a multitude of young people (all are) they come to put your hand on a pile with pins in the belief that many bride and groom will leave them as pins are on. Also the summer cinema that is installed in the neighbouring Park of the bulb, they are events that can serve as an excuse to come to this House to eat.

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